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    Introduction| Features| Rate| Usage Guide  
    China SIM card Price USD$29
      China SIM card to use and pay  
      A China SIM card, together with an unlocked tri/quad-band GSM cell phone, will allow you not only to get a local cell phone number before your departure, but also pay local rate without contract. The airtime rates are extremely advantageous and even include unlimited low incoming calls from almost anywhere in the world. With prepaid China SIM card, keep your own China cell phone number!  
    A China Cell Phone Number which easy to communicate locally and internationally
    Low airtime rate, No other hidden cost
    $8 initial prepaid airtime included
    No monthly fee, no contract, no caller ID charge
    Optional international roaming and voicemail service
    Convenient recharge service
    Worldwide SMS text messages
    Convenient Delivery Options
    Work nationwide with crystal clear signal
    Itemized Bill
    24-hour customer Service In English
    Airtime Rate
    Incoming calls $0.10-$0.24/min
    Domestic calls $0.10-$0.24/min
    International calls to USA/Canada $0.48-$0.52/min (with access code)
    Dialing access code before destination # will
    save you over 70% cost for international
    Calls. Without it, it costs $1.38/min
    International calls to other country $0.84-$0.87/min (with access code)
    Dialing access code before destination # will save you over 70% cost
    for international calls. Without it, it costs $1.38/min.
    Domestic SMS $0.017/piece
    International SMS $0.17/piece
    The higher rates are the standard per minute rates. The lower rates are for phone usage within Shanghai.
    Usage Guide
    When you have been to China, make the first call to activate this SIM card. If you apply the voicemail service, please call us at 866-574-2050 to activate it. (You can call us toll-free number 866-574-2050 to activate your Panda China SIM card.)
    2.Check Balance
    You may check your credit at any time by calling us at 866-574-2050.
    3.Recharge Airtime
    Mobile recharge card USD $16
    Special Promotion:
    Sign three recharge cards when you purchase your China SIM card, $5 will be deducted from $29.
    If you have purchased our China SIM card, the best and easiest way to add credit to your SIM card is by setting up our recharge service. Upon request, your China Mobile prepaid account will be topped-up whenever the call credit drops to $3. Choosing this method for adding credit to your prepaid is highly recommended.
    4.Dial Instruction
    From China to US: Access code :C 001 :C Area Code :C Phone #
    From US to China: 011-86-Phone #
    From China to International: Access code :C 00 :C Country Code :C Area Code :C Phone #
    Domestic Calls in China: 0 :C Area Code :C Land Phone #/ Direct Mobile Phone #
    Local Calls: Direct Phone # (If you are in Beijing, the phone number in Beijing is 010-81818181, please dial 81818181.)
    Your voice mail can be optional activated. If you choose to active it, you can access your voice mail system from your handset or from a land line. From your handset, you follow the prompts to listen to messages. You can also personalize your greeting by following the prompts in the voice mail options. You will also receive a text message alerting you of any new voicemails. Please Note: Voice mail will only pick up under the following circumstances: When the phone is on but not answered, when the line is busy (phone is in use) or when all calls are diverted to voice mail.
    6.Service Life
    The service life of China SIM card is three months. If you want to extend the service life, please add one more recharge card to your credit account.
    National China
    8.Delivery Information
    Delivery coverage: Global
    Delivery Fee: Free (to China)/ USD $10 (to USA)
    Time: You may place the delivery date on the order form; we will arrange the package to you according to the date.
    9.Customer Service
    Panda China SIM customer service center: 866-574-2050(USA)
    If you have any questions about purchase, please contact us:
    Tel: 1-866-574-2050 (USA)/400-820-0293(China)
    Email: service@chinamobilecard.com
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