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How it Works
What sort of international cell phone do you need?  
  Some countries drive on the other side of the road. Some countries use different systems. And, unfortunately, most countries use a different type of cell phone, too.
Just so you know the names, in China our cell phone services are most likely to be the GSM type, or some are CDMA. When you are in china, it is the unlocked cell phone into which the China Mobile SIM card can be inserted to work well. If your cell phone is unlocked, you can buy SIM card or recharge your credit any where any time. If your cell phone is not an unlocked one, it is necessary for you to have this cell phone as soon as possible so that you can take your communication at your disposal around the clock. Chinamobilecard has a partner, named Pandaphone, who specializing in China cell phone rental and is committed to the customers’ communication need. Please feel free to browse its web to find something useful. It will be a great bargain!!
Using Prepaid SIM cards for each country you visit  
  This is the best solution for most people. A pre-paid SIM card for each country you visit gives you a local phone number and local calling rates for calls within that country.
It is easy, convenient, and relatively inexpensive for you to call other people in the country you're visiting, and easy and normal for them to call to you on your local number, too.
Most services even offer you free incoming calls, so you can receive calls from people anywhere in the world at no cost to you.
The cost of buying a SIM card is anywhere from about $30 - $60, and sometimes this includes some free call credits as well. You then simply pre-pay for extra call credits as you need them, often by a process as simple as just calling your credit card number in, over the phone, to the billing center for the phone service.
Usually SIM cards stay active for six months or more, so if you're visiting a country regularly, you don't need to buy a new SIM for each visit.
If you are visiting a lot of different countries during your journey, it can be confusing for other people to keep track of which country you're in and which number to call you at on any given day. This is where the next option can be more helpful. And in China, just one China Mobile SIM card can serve your communication all countries. Any one can reach you and you won’t miss any call.
International calling card saves your cost 85%!  
  As we all known, international calling can be expensive. In order to helping our customers to arrange their budgets, like a couple of phone companies, Chinamobilecard has developed a special SIM card named China mobile SIM card international calling card. With this one card, and dial some IP number before the phone number you want to call, it will cost a surprising low rate!  
Here’s how ChinaMobileCard works  
check the period of validity
Before reaching your service end date or before running out of minutes, just add airtime.
Browse the ChinaMobileCard web, and buy a China mobile card online or call us (USA)1-866-574-2050;(China) 400-820-0293.
PIN will be delivered to you via E-mail when we receive your order.
What you get with Airtime  
Adding airtime extends your card’s service end date
Adding airtime adds more minutes to your card.
If you buy the China Mobile SIM International Calling Card, you will enjoy the international calling without the high cost, and never need to worry about the period of validity.
What makes ChinaMobileCard different  
You’re in control ……tracking your service end date and minutes right on your phone screen.
Improved Carry Over Benefit-service days and minutes you add to your ChinaMobileCard are added to the services days and minutes you already have.
You can order the products on line via your credit card.
The PIN will be delivered to you via E-MAIL when we receive your order.
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