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    Mobile Long Distance Calling card
    Introduction| Features| Rate| Usage Guide  
    Product name
    Mobile Long Distance calling Card
    Price : USD $16
    Mobile Long Distance Calling Card  
    No PIN, No Passport, Direct Dial, you save 70% for your international calls!!!
    Calling card is a popular telecommunication product for foreign travelers and those who need to make many international calls. However, the biggest disadvantage of this card is the limitation of recharge. It only can be recharge on land phone and it need to enter the pin code and passport to use.
    The Mobile long distance Calling card is different! It can be recharged on mobile phone as well as the local phone. You Do Not need to enter any pin code, just to dial the number your want to, you can reach anyone with a low rate.
    No other China Long Distance calling card offers this kind of value!!!
    The Mobile Long distance calling card can be used only when your SIM card credit account exceeds $0.
    No PIN, No Passport, Direct Dial
    Low airtime rate, No other hidden cost
    Access code available for international calls and long distance calls
    Convenient Delivery Options
    Work nationwide with crystal clear signal
    24-hour customer Service In English
    Airtime Rate  
    Incoming calls $0.10-$0.24/min
    Domestic calls $0.10-$0.24/min
    International calls to USA/Canada $0.48-$0.52/min (with access code)
    Dialing access code before destination # will
    save you over 70% cost for international
    Calls. Without it, it costs $1.38/min
    International calls to other country $0.84-$0.87/min (with access code)
    Dialing access code before destination # will save you over 70% cost
    for international calls. Without it, it costs $1.38/min.
    Domestic SMS $0.017/piece
    International SMS $0.17/piece
    Usage Guide
    1.Check Balance
    You may check your credit at any time by calling us at 866-574-2050.
    2.Dial Instruction
    From China to US: Access code :C 001 :C Area Code :C Phone #
    From US to China: 011-86-Phone #
    From China to International: Access code :C 00 :C Country Code :C Area Code :C Phone #
    Domestic Calls in China: 0 :C Area Code :C Land Phone #/ Direct Mobile Phone #
    Local Calls: Direct Phone # (If you are in Beijing, the phone number in Beijing is 010-81818181, please dial 81818181.)
    3.Service Life
    Each Mobile Long Distance IP card can extend the three months service life. The IP card itself has half year service life.
    National China
    5.Delivery and Drop off Information
    Delivery coverage: Global
    Time: When you finish your order online, you will get a confirmation from us. The recharge instruction and the access code will be sent to you in the same time.
    6.Customer Service
    Panda China SIM customer service center: 866-574-2050(USA)
    If you have any questions about purchase, please contact us:
    Tel: 1-866-574-2050 (USA)/400-820-0293(China)
    Email: service@chinamobilecard.com
    Add airtime for your SIM card:
    Regular China Mobile SIM
    Card Refill Card
    US $ 16
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